As we developed this wiki, it was amazing how may people had memories of the Wolf & Dessauer Department Store and the famous Christmas window displays and Christmas lights. In keeping with the theme of a wiki as a living resource, I am including some memories of several people and hope that others will add their own memories and information to christmaslights.

Play sound **Personnal account ~ Michelle H.: Decatur, Indiana

"My favorite memory of Wolf & Dessauer is the pecan cream pie that I used to have in the Tea Room. It is still one of my favorite desserts and I make it for my family to this day. I also remember what a big deal it was to park downtown and shop. When my husband and I had children and moved away, we still took the boys back to Fort Wayne to see the Christmas lights and displays. They were so excited to ride the escalator! You just didn't see those back then." ~ Diane L.: Decatur, Indiana

"I remember buying school clothes at Wolf & Dessauer's. It was such a treat to go there. We always went to see the Christmas displays in the windows too. I remember having to stand in line because of all of the people waiting to see them. They all moved and each window was different. They were on both sides of the building and people would be in line down the block to see the displays." ~ Barb I.: Decatur, Indiana

"I don't remember ever going to Wolf & Dessauer; but I do remember watching the W&D Santa on television. Every Christmas season, channel 33 would broadcast children sitting on Santa's lap at the store. We always watched because sometimes you'd see people you knew." ~ Kent A.: Decatur, Indiana

"I always took the kids to sit on Santa's lap. They were always in awe of the displays in the windows. I can remember that people said they were better than the window displays in Chicago. I also remember going to the lunch counter when we went shopping. It was such a treat!" ~ Susie W.: Warsaw, Indiana

"I don't remember going there often because we didn't get to Fort Wayne very much; however, I remember taking the boys at Christmas. I also remember seeing it on tv." ~ Maxine C.: Decatur, Indiana

Visiting Wolf & Dessauer's at Christmas time was a special event for Sheila L.: Ft. Wayne, IN. Listen as she shares her special memories. Play sound

"...The major components of the Christmas lights, the wreath and Santa's sleigh, originated with Wolf and Dessauer department store, at the NE corner of Calhoun and Washington. These pieces were not the most memorable part of their display for me, however. That would be the Christmas vignettes they set up in their windows...all sorts of fantasy scenes featuring moving people and animals. I remember your Grandpa taking us downtown to see this every year... I think of those times every time I see the movie "Christmas Story" - it is very reminiscent of the way things used to be in Fort Wayne during the Christmas season back when we could still call it 'Christmas'. ~ Dan S.: Fort Wayne, Indiana

"I have memories of the Wolf & Dessauer window display and lights on the building downtown. I appreciate that some of these have been salvaged and a part of Fort Wayne Christmas season again." ~ Teresa H.: Fort Wayne, Indiana

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