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Many people beyond the creators of this 'Christmas Lights' Wiki have displayed interest in our icon of Fort Wayne Christmas, the lighted Santa display. This page is dedicated to the research and documentation of the former Wolf & Dessauer, interim Fort Wayne National, (currently National City) Bank annual display.

The two most informative sources I've found about the Santa display are the 2003 publication "Wolf and Dessauer: An album of memories" by Jim and Kathie Barrons and the 2003 News Sentinel article by retired reporter Carol Tannenhill. However, there are a few folks out there in web land who have posted a picture and a word regarding the significance of the Santa display.

  • In 2004, David Palmeter posted a page, "Santa and the Corvette" which features pictures of the Santa display reflected in his shining white Corvette and includes the Tannenhill article.
  • Fathero9 posted a great Christmas 2006 album in Flickr that includes some great shots of the Santa Display!
  • Nancy Nall integrates pictures and comments to her posting about Christmas past in downtown Fort Wayne.

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